Different Places

Different Places Album: Different Places
Release Date: February 28th, 2012
Label: Calusa Entertainment/GMV Nashville.

1. "Can You Take It"
2. "Different Places"
3. "High On You"
4. "Just Say It"
5. "Loves You Right"
6. "Throwaway Day"

Crazy Days

Crazy Days Album: Crazy Days (CANADA RELEASE ONLY)
Release Date: March 24th, 2009
Label: Big Machine/NSA/Midas

1. "Crazy Days" ---SINGLE RELEASED IN US
2. "Could I Just Be Me"
3. "What It Takes" --SINGLE RELEASED IN US
4. "Fast Enough"
5. "Stronger"
6. "Down the Road"
7. "Get It While the Gettin's Good"
8. "If I'd Only"
9. "Then She Cried"
10. "Blue Corvette"
11. "What Would Jesus Do"

Adam Gregory

Adam Gregory Album: Adam Gregory (CANADA RELEASE ONLY)
Release Date: June 20th, 2006
Label: Mensa Records

1."Get It On"
2. "Really Love Someone"
3. "Just One Kiss"
4. "Feels Like Rain"
5. "Don't Wanna Love You Anymore"
6. "Boots On"
7. "She's So California"
8. "Twister Girl"
9. "One Breath from a Heartache"
10. "Don't Send the Invitation"
11. "Comin' Home to You"
12. "Walking with the Man"

Workin' On It

Workin' On It Album: Workin' On It (CANADA RELEASE ONLY)
-Release date: July 9, 2002
-Label: Epic Records

1. "The World Could Use a Cowboy"
2. "Me Too"
3. "In the Country"
4. "Don't Think So"
5. "Could Have Fooled Me"
6. "Sweet Memories"
7. "Where It's At"
8. "Workin' on It"
9. "When I Leave This House"
10. "Walkin'"
11. "Don't Look the Other Way"
12. "Indian Summer"
13. "Memory Like That"
14. "End of This Road"

The Way I'm Made

The Way Im Made Album: The Way I'm Made (CANADA RELEASE ONLY)
-Release date: May 23, 2000
-Label: Epic Records

1. "Only Know I Do"
2. "Horseshoes"
3. "No Vacancy"
4. "Big Star"
5. "City Boy's Dream"
6. "The Way I'm Made"
7. "Facts of Life"
8. "Half Past Loving You"
9. "Too Young to Know"
10. "It Ain't Cool"
11."The Ring"
12. "The Sky Is the Limit"
13. "Leavin' That Cowgirl with the Blues"